Proper Use of Escalators

Escalators are built to stringent international and local codes, installed by competent technicians and maintained by registered elevator/escalator maintenance companies.  Escalators are designed to move people safely when properly used.  Most escalator incidents occur due to the improper use of an escalator.  Educating the public in the proper use of an escalator has proven to be a significant contributor to the reduction of escalator incidents.

Escalator safety can be improved when riders become aware of how to behave when entering, riding or exiting an escalator.  In addition, escalator incidents can be dramatically reduced when safety precautions are posted in conspicuous locations and actively enforced.  Following these simple Safety Rules will help to prevent most incidents:

- Do not allow your children to play around or on an escalator.
- Do not use a baby stroller, wheelchair or crutches when riding an escalator.
- Do not carry too many packages or luggage on an escalator.
- Do not ride on an escalators' handrail, or transport items on the handrail.
- Do not pull the handrail up from the handrail guide, or drag the handrail on the handrail guide.
- Do not walk up the down or down the up escalator.
- Do not run up or down an escalator.
- Do not play with the emergency stop buttons.
- Do not allow your shoes to run along the side panels when an escalator is moving.
- Do not ride an escalator with only your bare feet.
- Pick up your feet and step carefully on and off an escalator.
- Keep your hands, feet, clothing, and shoe laces clear of the escalator side panels.
- Exit promptly from the escalator landing.  When someone stops on the landing, they can cause a dangerous pile-up of the   people behind them.
- Do not transport heavy or bulky goods on an escalator.
- Hold the handrail at all times when riding an escalator.
- Do not lean over the handrail at any time.

Following these simple safety tips will make your ride more enjoyable and reduce the risk of any incident to you or your fellow riders.

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