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  • Reinforcing WSH for Business Sustainability

    SLECMA is a Conference Partner for The Singapore WSH Conference 2022.

    The impact of COVID-19 on human health is abating, but economies are still coping with the knock-on effects of the pandemic and the Ukraine crisis, such as rising costs, supply chain bottlenecks, pressing deadlines and manpower constraints. Some of these factors will adversely affect WSH as well. It may be no coincidence that Singapore is facing a near-term uptick in workplace fatalities.

    Despite the immediate challenges, we need to look to the future to fulfil our WSH2028 goals, and reinforce how WSH is good for business sustainability.

    Join us at The Singapore WSH Conference 2022, where you will hear WSH thought leaders, industry experts and practitioners share their views and experiences on why companies should continue to invest in improving WSH, and how WSH can be good for business.

    Click here to visit the Conference Website
  • On 25th March 2022, SLECMA conducted the 47th Annual General Meeting at the Rasa Sentosa hotel. The turn-out and the 2 nights stay at the hotel was overwhelmed.
  • 20th December 2021, MCST Association of Singapore invited SLECMA management committee to a dialogue. The meeting was to learn from SLECMA the lift industry and maintenance matter.
  • In December 2021, BCA expressed their appreciation and thanks to SLECMA for support to the exercise of distributing ART kits to SLECMA members. The ART test kits were necessary to meet the surveillance testing needs and keep our workforce safe.
  • On 16th May 2021, Singapore authority inform SLECMA members, all to work from home, except for those who were required to perform essential service. Lift industry workers must continue their due diligence to work at site.
  • In April 2021, Tripartite Cluster for Lift & Escalator (TCLE) from NTUC U Care met SLECMA and reached understanding on the appropriate PWM wage ladder for L&E maintenance workers, and the market salary benchmark based on the different income percentiles to attract young graduates from ITE, polytechnic and universities.
  • On 23 March 2021, SLECMA wrote to BCA regarding the following matter: [1] Severe shortage of manpower for the lift and escalator maintenance service, [2] Extension of concession for deployment of construction sector workers to undertake lift and escalator maintenance services, [3] Abolishment of construction and service sectors for lift and escalator industry.
  • On 19th February 2021, the 46th Annual General Meeting was conducted with office bearers including SLECMA solicitor presented at the Owen Seafood restaurant, while all other members via internet using ZOOM media. This was due to the covid-19 restriction imposed by the authority.
  • SLECMA continue to engage in the review and writing as member of the working group TC2WG2, the SS550:2020. The latest of the SS550:2020 was made effective by BCA from 1st July 2021.
  • SLECMA continue to engage in the review and writing of Workplace Safety and Health Guidelines on Working Safely During Maintenance of Electric Passenger and goods Lifts.
  • SLECMA continue to engage with ITE on the Work Study Technical Diploma in Vertical Transportation.
  • SLECMA continue to work with IMDA on the Technical Reference for Autonomous Delivery Systems in Commercial Building.
  • SLECMA continue to work with Workforce Singapore (WSG) on the Professional Conversion Program (PCP).
  • On 8th Jan 2021, webinar on Singapore Standard SS 550 : 2020 Code of Practice for installation, operation and maintenance of electric passenger and goods lifts was conducted by Enterprise Singapore Technical Committee (TC2WG2). Webinar on Singapore Standard SS 550 : 2020 Code of Practice for installation, operation and maintenance of electric passenger and goods lifts.
  • ITE Work Study Technical Diploma Technical Committee,  (3rd December)

    During the 4th TC Meeting, the TC endorsed the proposed 3rd year curriculum documents for WSDip-VT course, namely:  • Year-3 Skills Standard • Year-3 Assessment Scheme. SLECMA Representatives were James LEE, QUAH E.H., William Wong, Dr. LAI , Justin CHIA.
  • On 25th September 2020, SLECMA held 45th AGM via video conference due to covid-19 restriction imposed by authority. The original intended date of the 45th AGM was 31st March 2020. However, due to covid-19, (Temporary Measures) (Alternative Arrangements for Meetings for Registered Societies) Order 2020 was issued on 27 April 2020 to help societies conduct general meetings and governing bodies' meetings through alternative arrangements while complying with prevailing safe distancing measures.
  • On 3rd September 2020. PA-BCA Engagement with Neighborhood Committees (NC) was hosted by People Association (PA) and SLECMA. This event was to support BCA promotion of renewal and educate lift owner the need to modernize or renew / replace their old lifts and escalators.
  • Workgroup for Code of Practice for Remote Monitoring & Diagnostics  (Aug 2020)

    Work Group for Code of Practice for Remote Monitoring & Diagnostics; Just formed the Work group. Pending for the Kick-Off Meeting.
  • Tripartite Cluster for Lift & Escalator Industry (TCLE)  (Dec 2019 )

    Tripartite Cluster for Lift & Escalator Industry (TCLE). To develop PWM for escalator maintenance: After much preparation in 2019, this committee started its first meeting on 10th Feb 2020. SLECMA is advocating to merge the PWM for escalator with the PWM for lift.
  • Workgroup for Technical Reference for Autonomous Delivery System in Commercial Building  (August 2019)

    Workgroup for Technical Reference for Autonomous Delivery Systems in Commercial Building (organized by IMDA): This workgroup started in August 2019 and in progress of making the TR.
  • SS550:2020 and SS626

    Enterprise Singapore Technical Committee (TC2WG2) and SLECMA Technical Committee for SS550 & SS626: The revision of SS550 had completed its Public Comment stage and waiting for endorsement from EN 81 Committee.
  • MND Team Award   (8th Aug 2019)

    2019 Minister's Award (Team)
    For contribution to the Team Project development of the progressive wage model (PWM) for the lift industry sectoral tripartite committee for lift and escalator sector [STC (L&E)]. Date: 8th Aug 2019.
    Some of our members also participated in this Team and receive similar award. Thank you very much!
  • May Day Awards 2019

    “The NTUC Central Committee, with the strong recommendation of NTUC Electronics and Precision and Machinery Engineering Cluster (EPME), is pleased to confer the Partner of Labour Movement Award upon Singapore Lift & Escalator Contractors and Manufacturers Association (SLECMA) for its continuous support and contribution towards good labour-management relations, workers' welfare and NTUC initiatives.”
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  • Huizhou Special Equipment Association Study Visit to Singapore. (16th April 2019)

    During the technical exchange meeting with SECMA, the main agenda was maintenance business operation.
    [group photo 1][group photo 2]

  • SLECMA Code of Conduct

    All members participating in our Management Committee (MC) Meeting, Members Meeting, Work Group Meeting and SLECMA Meeting with external parties had adhered to our SLECMA Code of Conduct. There is no reported case of Non-Compliance and we will continue to promote compliance to SLECMA Code of Conduct.
  • Working Committee on improving working conditions & technology adoption (Oct 2018)

    BCA invited SLECMA to be part of the Working Committee seeking to improve the working conditions & also to introduce Technology Adoption for lift maintenance. The working committee seek solutions to improve key aspects of the working condition, and also to identify possible technologies and work process improvements to help streamline workflow and enhance productivity to reduce reliance on manpower.  
  • SCORE engaging SLECMA on recruitment (Oct 2018)

    Singapore Corporation of Rehabilitative Enterprise seeks SLECMA assistance on the employment of ex-offenders. Members were informed of this possible recruitment to ease the shortage of manpower in the industry.  
  • WSH Guidelines on lift and escalator Committee (Sep 2018)

    Jointly with Workplace Safety and Health Council, SLECMA formed a working committee to write and update the older WSH guidelines on lift maintenance and also to write new guidelines on escalator maintenance. The final version of the draft was developed for further review and presentation at the WSH Forum.  
  • The Lift andEscalator Sectorial Tripartite Committee (L&E STC)
    (Sep 2018)

    The L&E STC recommendation for the lift industry was finally launched on 18 Sep 2018 through media presentation after the 1st meeting was conducted in March 2017.  
  • PALEA AGM and seminar in Singapore (Sep 2018)

    PALEA hold their AGM and seminar in Singapore on 6th Sep 2018 and invited SLECMA, BCA and other industry members to attend.  
  • BCA seeking feedbacks on addition of step up-thrust device to existing escalator (Aug 2018)

    With several incidents of escalator steps being dislodged due to the use of prams or baby strollers on escalators BCA called upon SLECMA to seek feedbacks on the addition of devices to prevent the steps from disloging and to stop the operation of the escalator safely when such incidents occurred. This is to enhance the safety of the escaltors, by retrofiting existing escalators by adding step up thrust device at both upper and lower landings to ensure that escalatorsby can be stopped safely when step is lifted up by entrapped objects.  
  • Work-Learn-Technical Diploma (July 2018)

    The WLTD in Vertical Transportation Technical Committee was formed by ITE and several members of SLECMA including BCA were invited to be part of the committee to assist in developing the diploma course for the lift industry. The 1st meeting was kicked off on 24th July 2018.  
  • WEE Elevator Exhibition in Shanghai (May 2018)

    SLECMA organized a trip to visit the WEE Elevator Exhibition which was held in Shanghai from 8 to 11 May 2018. Members of SLECMA including BCA and ITE have jointly attended the exhibition, including visiting the following lift testing laboratories on 10th May 2018.
    • Zhejiang Provincial Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute [浙江省特种设备检验研究院] and
    • Research Institute National Elevator Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center [ 浙江国家梯产品质量监督检验中心]  
  • Engagement meeting with BCA (April 2018)

    15 persons from 9 SLECMA members attended a dialogue session with BCA on 30 April 2018. The agenda also include lift company performance index, qualification of lift maintenance company.  
  • 43rd AGM in Chiangmai (March 2018)

    SLECMA hold the 43rd AGM on 8th March 2018 in Chiangmai, Thailand. 15 persons from 10 members attended the AGM.  
  • Visit by China Elevator Association (Jan 2018)

    The Qingdao Zhengxin Technology (青岛正信科技有限公司) was introduced by BCA to discuss with SLECMA on the smart e-system on lift monitoring. The company introduced to SLECMA members the remote monitoring system done by his company in China.  
  • Visit by China Elevator Association (Nov 2017)

    The Secretary General and the Deputy Secretary of China Elevator Association held a dialogue session jointly with BCA and SLECMA on 29 Nov 2017. The meeting focus mainly on legislative matter, code of practice, regulations, and marketing status.  
  • Dialogue session with Minister of Manpower (Nov 2017)

    Mr. Lim Swee Say, Minister of Manpower held dialogue session with SLECMA on 28 Nov 2017 at the ITE College East. Nine wish lists were collected from SLECMA members, which were forwarded to the minister via BCA. The wish lists covered local manpower shortage, and industry challenges.  
  • Work-Learn-Technical-Diploma (WLTD) (Nov 2017)

    ITE proposed to conduct Work-Learn-Technical Diploma in vertical transport course and requested assistance from SLECMA to support the introduction of this course with the aim to attract more entrants to take up employment in the lift industry. A meeting was held with SLECMA at ITE East College on 2 Nov 2017.  
  • Minimum energy performance standards (MEPS) (Sep 2017)

    On 27 Sep 2017, SLECMA held discussion with National Environment Agency on the minimum energy performance standards which would be introduced in 2018.  
  • Public education on lift and escalator safety (May 2017)

    The Corporate Development Group of BCA together with Singapore Kindness Movement, in collaboration with SLECMA, jointly launch public education on lift and escalator safety usage, targeting mainly on young users. Several safety campaigns were launched in various shopping malls.  
  • Lift & Escalator Sectorial Tripartite Committee (L&E STC)
    (March 2017)

    The first meeting of the L&E STC was held in 17 March 2017. Subsequently it was formed in two groups as follows:

    Workgroup 1 was headed by Mr. Teo Orh Hai, Group Director, Building Plan and Management Group, BCA. Workgroup 1 took charge of Progressive Wage Model (PWM).

    Workgroup 2 was headed by Ms Grace Mui, Group Director, Manpower Strategy and Planning Group, BCA. Workgroup 2 took charge of Rebranding the job titles of the maintenance personnel, to improve work environment, to attract local workforce to the industry.

    Both groups were represented by members of SLECMA, Unions, MOM, WSG, e2i.

    This should be the awakening chapter in the lift industry after SLECMA has fought and championed this matter with the authority since 2002.  
  • WSH Guidelines on lift and escalator Committee (March 2017)

    At the request from Workplace Safety and Health Council, SLECMA formed a working committee during the AGM to take care of the development and update of the older WSH guidelines on lift maintenance and also to write new guidelines on escalator maintenance.  
  • 42nd AGM in Sri-Lanka (March 2017)

    The 42nd AGM was held in Sri-Lanka on 9th March 2017. 17 persons from SLECMA attended the AGM. The AGM was most memorial for SLECMA members where the President decided to step down after serving as President since 2002.
  • Signing of MOU with BCA (Feb 2017)

    An MOU was signed with BCA on 13th Feb 2017 at ITE College Central. The MOU covered the manpower development plan for lift and escalator industry. The MOU was witnessed by the Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of National Development, Mr. Desmond Lee.  
  • Dialogue session with BCA on regulatory framework for lift and escalator (Nov 2016)

    BCA invited SLECMA to discuss the implementation of regulatory framework for lift and escalator on 30the Nov 2016. The objectives were to enhance the overall safety of lift and escalator with mandate requirements for the industry.    
  • Dialog session with Singapore Workforce Development Agency
    (Sep 2016)

    A dialog session with Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA) was held on 30th Sep 2016 at Fujitec office. WDA presented to members the training matter for employee and funding support for company employees.  
  • Study trip on lifts and escalators to Belgium, Finland, and New York (Aug 2016)

    BCA invited SLECMA to a study trip to Belgium, Finland, and New York, from 29 Aug to 2nd Sep 2016. The expedition was led by CEO of BCA and dialogue sessions were held with Belgium Authorities, Belgium National Lift Association, and European Lift Association.  
  • Forum with IES M&E Technical Committee (July 2016)

    A forum with IES M&E Technical Committee was held with SLECMA on 8th July 2016 at Fujitec office. 14 members from IES attended the forum which covered topics such as quality of lift installation, high profile lift incidents, and testing and commissioning standards.  
  • 41st AGM in Bangkok (Feb 2016)

    The 41st AGM was held in Bangkok on 25th Feb 2016 with 14 members attended the meeting.  
  • Dialogue session with BCA on Barrier-Free-Accessibility
    (Sep 2015)

    At the invitation of BCA, SLECMA held dialogue session with BCA on Barrier-Free-Accessibility on 2 Sep 2015. The sessions covered the following matter:

    1. Feedback on the provision for persons with disabilities in lifts.
    2. Provision of stretcher lifts, AED in lifts, escalator for the visually impaired.  
  • 40th Anniversary Charity Gold Donation (April 2015)

    A charity fund raising cum golf tournament was organized by SLECMA and held at Tanah Merah Country Club on 17th April 2015. The charity fund raising was in aid of Thye Hua Kwan Moral Society. A total amount of $40,000.00 was raised with donations from members, individuals, companies, and association.
  • 40th AGM in Guangzhou (March 2015)

    The 40th AGM was held in Guangzhou city on March 2015. At the invitation of The Guangzhou Bereau of Quality and Technical Supervision, SLECMA held dialogue session with the Guangzhou authorities and their members.  
  • Dialogue with Guangzhou Bureau of Quality & Technical Supervision (Dec 2014)

    The Guangzhou Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision visited Singapore and held a dialogue session with SLECMA. Their mission was to learn about various regulatory regimes in Singapore including lifts and escalators. They have in return invited SLECMA to meet them in 2015.  
  • Discussion with ITE on Technical Diploma (June 2014)

    Discussion was held with ITE to explore the setting up of a Technical Diploma course in Vertical Transportation. The course would help the ITE engineering graduates as well as existing lift industry workers to upgrade their skill and knowledge.
  • SCDF - Meeting and Clarification (May 2014)

    On behalf SLECMA, Mr. S K Leong and two other members discussed with SCDF on long outstanding issues on evacuation lift, lift homing, fire lift switch etc. The discussion was also to seek clarification regarding the issues facing the industry.  
  • Proposal to BCA to Legislate Retrofitting Older Lifts (April 2014)

    Through our lawyer, SLECMA wrote to BCA proposing to legislate retrofitting older lifts which have wider gaps with newer lifts in terms of safety and performance.  
  • Meeting NTUC (March 2014)

    SLECMA Committee Members held a dialogue session with MIWU / NTUC and e2i to discuss on improve employability for local work force to join the lift industry. Apart from that discussion was also touched on progressive wage reform for the industry work force.  
  • ACES - SLECMA Seminar on Lift System SS 550 (Jan 2014)

    Jointly with ACES, SLECMA delivered papers in the seminar on lift system based on SS 550. The seminar was well attended by members from both organisations.  
  • PALEA Seminar (SEP 2013)

    SLECMA members were invited by PALEA to attend their seminar. In return, SLECMA hosted a dinner for PALEA members after the seminar.  
  • HDB Consultation on Cyclical Maintenance Regime (Sep 2013)

    HDB held a dialogue session with SLECMA members to discuss on lift cyclical maintenance as well as refurbishment and improvement works. It was a fruitful discussion with members' contribution on best practices for maintenance. The reasons for higher cost for lift maintenance were explained to HDB.  
  • SS 530 Energy Consumption for Lifts and Escalators (Aug 2013)

    SLECMA represented by Mr. E H Quah and Mr. S K Leong attended a discussion with the Working Group of SS 530 to review the energy efficiency standards for building services and equipment, including lifts and escalators.  
  • BCA Consultation on Lifts and Escalator Regulatory Regime
    (June 2013)

    Mr. Quah, Mr. Phuah and Mr. Leong were invited by BCA to a discussion on lifts and escalator regulatory regime. SLECMA welcomes BCA’s effort to tighten up the lift and escalator regime and support all practical ideas to move forward as quickly as possible. After consulting with all our members, SLECMA consolidated all comments received and submitted to BCA for their consideration.  
  • ITE Opening Ceremony of the Vertical Transportation Lab
    (July 2013)

    Following the participation in assisting ITE to establish the vertical transportation course, SLECMA was invited and participated in the opening ceremony of the laboratory. After the opening ceremony, SLECMA members held a dialogue session with the ITE staff and many issues including the importance of maintenance was discussed.  
  • Building Specialists Trade Hand Book (May 2013)

    SLECMA contributed to the writing of the articles on lift and escalator for the Building Specialists Building Trade Hand Book. The hand book was launched in May 2013 in conjunction with the International Facility Management Expo 2013. A booth was given to SLECMA to display information relating to SLECMA and articles on the importance of lift maintenance.  
  • Continuing Education and Training CET (Jan 2013)

    With the support from SLECMA, ITE embarking to start a part-time course in continuing education and training (CET) for existing workers in the lift industry. The course was targeted to start in middle of 2013.  
  • Building Specialists Trade Hand Book (Oct 2012)

    SLECMA sponsored the listing of all members in the hand book written and printed by Specialists Trade Alliance of Singapore (STAS). This was the only hand book ever published in Singapore that contains all the building specialist trades, of which lift and escalator is part of it. The hand book was endorsed by BCA, WSHC and was supported by SPRING Singapore. SLECMA would be providing an industry write-up on lifts and escalators for this book which is being coordinated by the secretary.
  • Work Place Safety and Health Council (Aug 2012)

    SLECMA participated in the preparation of Technical Advisory for Modernisation, Installation and Dismantling of Lifts (or MID in short). Mr. James Lee represented SLECMA for this assignment and the handbook was finally printed for distribution to all members in Aug 2012.  
  • ITE Vertical Transportation (VT) Course (Jan 2012)

    With the support provided by SLECMA, ITE successfully started the VT course. Member companies continued to support ITE by providing industrial attachment to their students. I am pleased to put in record that with the strong support provided by SLECMA and the effort of ITE, a vertical transportation course has been introduced in an institution in many years. The first batch of students is due for graduation in Dec 2012.  
  • SLECMA Website (Dec 2011)

    SLECMA website was upgraded during the year and will be maintained by FUJITEC.  
  • Discussion with SPRING Singapore on Improvement of Standards (Nov 2011)

    Led by Mr. S K Leong, SLECMA held discussion with SPRING Singapore to discuss on the introduction of UCMP (Unintended Car Movement Protection) which has been adopted in EN81 in 2009, and EN81-80 Safety Improvements for Existing (old) Lifts.  
  • Joint Seminar with BEMA (Oct 2011)

    A joint seminar was held on 19th Oct which was well attended by more than 120 participants.  
  • Accessibility Code Review (Sep 2011)

    Eight (8) representatives from SLECMA attended on 14th Sept to a meeting with BCA on Accessibility Code Review. These representatives were from Mitsubishi, Hitachi, Chevalier, Schindler and TL Jones.  
  • Escalator Safety (Aug 2011)

    BCA and SLECMA had a dialogue session in Aug 2011 to discuss escalator safety matters.  
  • Work Place and Safety Council (Apr 2011)

    The hand book on Technical Advisory (TA) for Lift Maintenance was issued during the year. SLECMA was represented by Mr James Lee in the working committee.

    At the launching of TA for Lift Maintenance by WSHC, Mr James Lee was invited as a speaker on behalf of SLECMA.

    SLECMA was also represented in the working committee that drafted the TA for Modernization, Installation & Dismantling of Lifts. The drafted TA was posted for public comments during last year.  
  • ITE Vertical Transportation (VT) Course (Mar 2011)

    SLECMA strongly supported and assisted ITE to prepare for the launching of the VT course. The course was launched and ITE accepted students' enrolment for 2011.

    During the preparation time, member companies provided training for the ITE teaching staff during ITE Staff vacations. Chevalier, EM Services, Fujitec, Hitachi and Mitsubishi were involved in providing the training. SLECMA members will continue to provide OJT to the ITE Students Apart from the above, SLECMA will be contributing medal awards subject to a maximum of S$1,000 per year starting from graduation year 2014.